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Harness the power of Xola's customer management features to unlock scalable, tailored, and memorable experiences for customers.

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Customer management

Optimize Customer Engagement

Optimize Customer Engagement
Streamline communication

Say goodbye to fragmented customer interactions and hello to efficient, centralized communication channels.

Booking activity history in seconds

Full customer history: Easily access past interactions, ending the game of telephone.

Quickly send and manage digital waivers

Automatically send digital waivers to guests after booking. Set up email and text reminders for waiver signing, and manually send new waiver requests via text and email when needed.

Customer management

Marketing Alchemy

Marketing Alchemy
Drive personalized experiences

Deliver personalized emails, direct mail, and tailored marketing initiatives.

Precision Remarketing

Harness your customer data for powerful remarketing on platforms like Facebook Lookalike Audiences, Youtube, and AdWords Similar Audiences.


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