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Powerful software
made simple.

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All-in-one booking

Online booking is just the tip of the iceberg. Take bookings over the phone, in person, or from deal sites and concierges, too. See it all in Xola’s master calendar.

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Simply beautiful & beautifully simple

Modify anything about a booking in 3 clicks or fewer; get set up in days, not months; and turn your staff into Xola pros with ease.

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World-class support

Free, unlimited support, account setup, and staff training. Get it all from a team with a deep knowledge about industry and your business.

Online Booking

How much is your business leaving on the table?

Clean checkout = more customers

Maximize conversions. Guests can book in under 30 seconds. No URL redirects and fewer fields keep people on your site.

Boost mobile bookings

Nearly half of all online bookings happen on a smartphone or tablet. Xola's checkout adjusts for any screen, no reading glasses required.

Online Bookings

44% of Bookings Come Online

Online booking is a must. Don’t worry about missing calls or getting a flood of emails--Xola works around the clock whether you're in or out of the office.

Bookings In-Person & Over the Phone

Take any and all reservations. Full Point-of-Sale Solution.

Any booking type

Easily book and rebook customers that call or reserve from some other channel.

Walk-ups & P.O.S.

Xola supports swipe-and-pay, cash drawer, and receipt printer hardware to let you seamlessly handle in-person bookings.

Mobile Tablet

Run your business anywhere

Managing Your Bookings

3 clicks or fewer to modify any part of a booking
Accept or decline a booking


Refund? Date change? Adding a friend? Keep track of who does what to a reservation with Xola’s timeline of updates. Make changes in real-time with no page reloads.

Transaction history data


Xola’s easy interface not only means you spend less time operating the system, but also means you spend less time teaching others to use it too.

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Never send another confirmation, booking update, or reminder email again. Leave that to Xola’s automated customer notifications.

Credit Card Processing

Choose our plug-and-play payment processor, or we’ll work with yours
Listing editor

Accept any and all payments

Booking with cash, check, or a deposit is just as easy as using a credit card. Collect payments from multiple cards in a single booking as well.


Robust scheduling that's as flexible as your tours
Listing editor
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Cal sync & cut-off times

Take your schedule with you anywhere. If you’re out of the office, set a booking cut-off time and minimize surprises.

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Repeating & custom schedules

Set up as many schedules as you need per outing and edit them to your heart’s content. We’ll never make you erase an entire listing just to alter your tour schedule.

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Blackout dates

Closed for the holidays? Simply include blackout days where there are exceptions to your usual schedule.

Resource Management

Never overbook again.

Minimum & maximum capacities

Set thresholds when necessary. Xola will automatically notify guests if minimums aren’t reached, and won’t let you overbook if you’ve hit the max.

Sharing resources

Xola intelligently allocates resources that you share among your tours based on the number of reservations. You’ll never squander extra seats you wish you could’ve sold, or offer too few seats according to demand.


Guide management

Keep your guides in the loop at every stage by assigning them to outings and emailing them rosters.

Rosters/Manifests & Questionnaires

Putting crucial customer information at your fingertips

Ask custom questions

From age to allergies, gather the information you need from your guests.

See it all in trip roster

Get questionnaire answers, contact info, and more in one place. Export the roster or email it to your guides.


Marketing Tools

Attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back

Coupon incentives

Build a discount code in seconds. Xola lets you restrict a coupon to part of your season, a day of the week, or even the hour of a particular tour. Monitor your most successful campaigns.

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Google Analytics integration

You need to know your return on investment. Analyze all your online booking and marketing efforts with Google’s robust reports.

Transaction history data

Automatic lead remarketing

Some people need a little nudge. Re-engage customers that leave your website without finishing their checkout.

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Customizable review emails

Ask for reviews and you shall receive. You can automatically send out requests for TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google+ reviews after every tour.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

See the fruits of your labor and plan for what’s next
Export data with one click
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Track over time

Breakdown monthly transactions, refunds, taxes & fees, and income. View cash flow or realized earnings.

Transaction history data

Daily transaction reports

Balancing your cash drawer becomes a no-brainer with running totals for each reservationist.

Export transaction history

Make informed decisions

Strategize for the future. Know your most valuable tours and booking channels.

Distribution Channels & Local Partners

Sell more. And more. And more.

Leverage local business connections

It’s easy to partner with concierges and other resellers when you can keep track of their commissions all in Xola.

Sync your Viator account

Manage Viator bookings all within Xola. Use Xola’s real-time monitoring of your resources and reservations to make sure that bookings on Viator’s site are as streamlined as on your own site.


Multi-User Account Access

Share information throughout your company while protecting sensitive data

Live collaboration

With Xola’s cloud-based system, multiple users can log in at once and make edits in real-time.

Business protection

With seven different types of user accounts, there’s an access level for all your needs. Never worry about sharing more than necessary.


Xola leaves a user’s signature wherever he has modified a booking so that you’re never left guessing.



Clean API. Endless Possibilities.

Outside integrations

Connect Xola with other applications or setting up helpful webhooks using our neatly architected API.