The best survey questions to ask visitors to improve your website + booking experience

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The best survey questions to ask visitors to improve your website + booking experience

You might email your guests a customer satisfaction survey after a customer service interaction. Or ask them how they’d rate their overall visit to your attraction. But are you checking in with them when they land on your website?

Many of your guests’ first contact with your company is likely happening on your website. And depending on what they see on your homepage, they’ll make a decision to continue browsing or not. 

That’s right. Your homepage can deter guests from ever making it further into your website, and therefore hinder direct bookings.

This is why your attraction should be surveying guests on your website, too. A website feedback survey can bring you valuable insight into your user experience across your web pages and answer questions like, “What’s your first impression of our website?”

In this post, you’ll learn how to leverage a website feedback survey to drive more conversions through your site.

What is a website feedback survey?

When to display a website survey

Where to display a website survey

How many questions should you ask?

18 examples of survey questions to ask

What is a website feedback survey? 

A website feedback survey is a questionnaire that appears on your company’s site. The survey is used to get quantitative and qualitative feedback from guests as they browse your website.

Attractions can leverage this kind of survey to find out why guests come to your website and if they’re satisfied with your user experience. Your website survey can appear on different pages of your site. It can also come in different forms, such as a pop-up or full-page display.

Your website’s user experience is crucial to making online sales. A slow website and glitchy checkout system can deter guests from purchasing tickets or making bookings through your website. They might turn to a third-party booking platform, like an OTA with a faster website, and you’ll miss out on a potential direct booking.

The feedback they give you will help you improve your online experience, so that you can drive more direct bookings.

When to display a website survey 

Consider when you’d like to get feedback from your guests. Is it after you redesign your website, once they’ve landed on a specific tour page, or following a ticket purchase? Perhaps it’s all of the above.

A website feedback survey can be deployed after any interaction with your website, depending on what your attraction wants to measure.

For example, you might leverage a feedback survey to bring you valuable insight into your user experience after the following interactions:

  • Once a user lands on your homepage 
  • After your guests make a booking or purchase a ticket to your attraction
  • When a visitor lands on an important landing page
  • If a user shows intent to exit a page they just landed on
  • Before a potential customer abandons their cart

Now let’s take a look at the different pages to display these surveys and what kind of feedback you can get from each placement.

Where to display a website survey

You want your website survey placement to be strategic. This means it’ll be placed with your target audience in mind so that it asks the right questions to the right people.


A homepage survey can grab visitors’ first impression of your website. You can have a pop-up survey triggered a couple of minutes after someone lands on your homepage, or feature a less invasive feedback box on the sidebar. You can ask guests about your website design, navigation, branding, etc.

Landing page

Let’s say you’re marketing a 25% off holiday sale on Instagram. When guests click on the ad, they’re brought to a special landing page for the sale. You can use a landing page survey to probe visitors about how they found out, what they like and dislike about your offer, and what’s stopping them from buying in.

Pop-up surveys work best here. They should appear after a set amount of time following the guest’s arrival on your landing page or when they return to the page after going to another page on your website. It can also appear when the visitor shows intent to exit the page.

You can also use slide-in surveys, which will pop open when the user scrolls to a specific part of the page.


Once a guest makes a booking through your website, present them with a post-purchase survey to find out how they feel about the process. On-page surveys work well for this kind of questionnaire. They’ll appear at the bottom of the order confirmation page and quiz guests about their recent purchase.

High exit pages

Delve into your website analytics to find pages with high exit rates. For some reason, guests who land on these pages are quickly leaving without making a purchase. Use a website survey to find out what’s causing them to exit these pages.

Pop-up surveys that are triggered when the user moves the mouse to the “x” button work well for this instance.

How many questions should you ask? 

There’s no magic number that tells you how many questions to ask in your website feedback survey. But we do know that the best surveys gather valuable feedback with just a few relevant questions. Your surveys can accomplish this by focusing on the main objective.

As a general rule, a customer feedback survey shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete. SurveyMonkey found that 60% of people say that they don’t want to take a survey that takes any longer than that.

Given the nature of a website survey, which typically pops up while a user is actively doing something on your site, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Whether your guest just made a booking or is reading through your holiday sale landing page, they won’t want to spend too much time filling out your survey.

Since pop-up surveys often interrupt guests while browsing your site, you should weigh the benefits of using one against the possibility of annoying your users.

18 examples of survey questions to ask 

The questions you ask in your website survey depend on the purpose behind your survey. It also depends on where you’ll be displaying your survey. 

Here are 18 examples of survey questions to ask on your homepage, landing pages, post-purchase pages, and pages with high exit rates.

What to ask guests when they land on your homepage

A homepage survey is useful in identifying issues with your site design and layout. It can also be used to find out how guests feel about a newly redesigned website.

  1. On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our website to a friend or colleague?
  2. What do you like most about our website?
  3. What do you dislike most about your website?
  4. What do you think about the design and layout of our website?
  5. Was it easy for you to navigate our website?

What to ask guests when they land on your landing pages

Your landing pages are the ones meant to convert users into customers. You can use a feedback survey to learn more about how your guests are finding you and what’s driving their conversions on these pages.

  1. Where did you first hear about us?
  2. How helpful was this page?
  3. Did you find everything you were looking for on this page?

What to ask guests after they make a purchase or booking

Your post-purchase surveys should quiz guests on what made them bite the bullet. You want to find out what convinced them to make a booking so that you can continue to win over other guests in the same way.

  1. How easy was it to complete your booking or ticket purchase?
  2. Did you find everything you needed?
  3. What was your main concern before making a booking today?
  4. What persuaded you to make a booking today?
  5. Did you have any issues with the checkout?

What to ask guests leaving a page with a high exit rate:

These pages aren’t performing as well as you’d hope. You want to understand what’s driving customers away so that you can fix the problem, keep them around for longer, and ultimately drive more conversions.

  1. What’s one thing missing from this page?
  2. Did you find everything you were looking for?
  3. What stopped you from making a purchase today?
  4. What can we do to improve this page?
  5. Do you have any comments or suggestions?


Website feedback surveys can be used to improve your overall site experience and better understand what’s driving conversions.

Your online user experience is part of your overall guest experience, and you want to make sure that your attraction is delivering on all fronts. Improving your website experience can drive more direct bookings and bring more visitors to your venue.


Writer Carla Vianna

Carla Vianna

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